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the Foldable case

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Black Color Clutch Envelope Splice Pure Red Messenger Elegant Handbags Pocciol Leather Evening Women Wallet uno / ˈuːno / adj., n., and pron. [italian, from latin ūnus] – ‘one’, the first natural number, it expresses a single unit. The very first product we made: a unitarian, stand-alone solution for the modern electronic musician.

UNO is the first and only foldable case for eurorack modular synthesizers that folds patched. It is designed to ensure that your patch may easy “rest” when you’re traveling.

In a few seconds you can take it of from its soft padded bag, unfold it, power it and you’re done.

The patching system is compatible with the big part of standard eurorack cables, like Doepfer, AdInfinitum, Erica Synths, Black Market Modular, Befaco. It is also compatible with TipTop Audio’s Stackcables (up to 2 of them might be stacked per row, in the same area. Depending on the cables you’re using, it may be necessary to rotate the cables a bit to allow for the case to close perfectly and not to damage any jack socket.


  • 84HP – per row, for a total of 252HP
  • 126HP – per row, for a total of 378HP

Woods Wenge, Zebra, Pear, Dark Zebra or the brand new Ovangkol


We specify that Dark Zebra is really rare: we had less than 7% on all the productions, and its request may lead to a long waiting list

Dimensions out of the bag (WxHxD in mm)

  • folded: 470(84HP) / 684(126HP) x 210 x 297
  • unfolded: 470(84HP) / 684(126HP) x 278 x 380

Max Depth Available

  • 50 mm on upper and lower row
  • up to 80 mm on inner row

Leather Women Red Wallet Black Color Elegant Pure Evening Handbags Splice Clutch Pocciol Envelope Messenger SILTA powered

  • 3’750 mA @ +12V, 1’250 mA per row
  • 3’750 mA @ +12V, 1’250 mA per row
  • Wallet Handbags Pocciol Splice Messenger Clutch Color Elegant Red Evening Women Envelope Black Pure Leather 1’500 mA @ +5V on inner row

Included in each uno

  • 1x UNO soft bag
  • 1x SEI trunk lines module (mounted)

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A new UNO flavor

Space for your modules

Envelope Evening Clutch Splice Black Elegant Women Messenger Red Color Pure Wallet Pocciol Leather Handbags The UNO supports modules up to 50 mm deep in the upper and lower row, and up to 80 mm deep in the middle row (depending on the main power board installed).

It folds patched

Right, UNO folds patched with the major kind of cables: it also works with up to 2 TipTop Audio Stackcables stacked! This is a real time-saver so you don’t have anymore to repatch from zero.

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Elegant, yet Simple Construction

All screws, folding mechanics and safety locks are hidden within an extremely well-constructed case, with an elegant form and beautiful lines. In addition, the UNO eurorack foldable case is entirely designed and crafted by hand in Italy.


Thanks to its soft bag, you can bring it where you want.

Due to its compact dimensions the UNO84HP also meets carry-on dimensions requirements for major airlines.

SILTA & SEI powered

UNO now ships with a built-in SEI trunk module for fast loops with external pedals, and ease the routing with any external 1/4″ jack based hardware.

It is powered by SILTA: each row has its own active power board already installed. You don’t have to do anything except mounting your modules and start patching. It comes with a 90W 24V DC external power brick and an EU/Schuko or US cable.

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Soft Bag included in each UNO

The UNO Soft Bag features:

  • a double zip, and comes with no holes on the top: this means that even if it is rainy, you can carry UNO with you without the risk to wet your precious modules
  • two handles now are present on the sides to ease the movement in small spaces and short trips
  • a shoulder belt to ease any long trip
  • a pocket on one of the two small sides, that can host your power brick ans some patch cables
  • an inner padding made with a 5 mm closed cells polyurethane foam with no “memory” as time passes by
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  • rubber feet on the bottom
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Beautiful solid wood case

The UNO is available in different flavors, so you can choose the one that best fits with your style. Wood is hand finished with clear boiled linseed oil, in order to emphasize the warmth and feeling of the material. No colors are applied. Currently woods are wengezebrapear and dark zebra (subject to availability).

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