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High Park Nature
High Park is home to one of North America's most endangered habitats - a Black Oak Savannah & Woodlands. This park is an amazing place to catch a glimpse of the sand prairie systems that used to cover much southern Ontario. Majestic 150 year old black oak trees tower over tall grass prairie plants like big bluestem, little bluestem, butterfly milkweed and wild lupine.

This park is perfect for adults and children looking for a place to explore nature right in the city. It's remarkable how many different species of birds, mammals, insects and plants you can discover in High Park. Stray away from the more manicured areas and take a walk along the nature trails. Or visit the park's ponds and creeks and watch quietly for wildlife.

Remember how precious the park's natural areas are and please treat the park with respect when you visit. High Park is ours to take care of so that many more people can enjoy the wonderful legacy that John Howard passed along to us.
Lone Pine Publishing
I have been fortunate enough to have some of my bird photographs included in Lone Pine Publishing's new book "Birds of Canada"

About Lone Pine Publishing
At a time when we are saturated with information from a host of media, we believe we can find a greater sense of place and understanding by exploring the quieter universe of our home ground.

Lone Pine Publishing is creating a library of books that celebrates the diversity and character of our own backyards. Our interest in nature, outdoor recreation and popular history has led us to publish titles of local relevance to enrich our appreciation of who we are as a people and a place.

As the coverage of our own region has deepened, we have broadened our reach to work with authors from other regions to develop exceptional titles for their areas: the Rocky Mountains, the West Coast, and the Great Lakes. We have attempted to be a good regional publisher in every region where we are present. The results are embodied in the books presented on this website.

We have a family of colleagues at Lone Pine who have contributed so much to our success, and we are grateful to them and to you for supporting us and helping us to realize some of our best hopes.

Shane Kennedy and Grant Kennedy
Topic: “Nurturing the Naturalists”
2nd Annual
Places of Natural Discovery Conference
May 25th & 26th, 2011
Humber College, Toronto

9:00 am – 10:15 am Keynote Speaker – Colin Marcano

Thursday May 26th - “Nurturing the Naturalists” Colin Marcano
As a photographer/naturalist Colin lends his expertise to help promote awareness of our local natural environment. He believes that the next generation of naturalists should be educated in a way that fosters their pride in the preservation and rehabilitation of the local green space. In this day and age of computer games and in- home entertainment Colin wants to inspire future generations to go outside and explore their natural surroundings.
Red Crow Coffee Hamilton
B&W Photography exhibit at Red Crow Coffee 211 James Street South Hamilton On.
Fujifilm Canada
My Street Camera of choice Fujifilm X10 and X100s
Olympus Canada
The Olympus E-System is designed with revolutionary features that expand the frontiers of digital photography. From our flagship E-3 aimed at working professionals, to our consumer SLR models like the E-420, you're sure to find an E-System camera that fits your needs.
Digital Photography Review™
Digital Photography Review™ is an independent resource dedicated to the provision of news, reviews and information about Digital Photography.
MEATing on Queen
Meating On Queen is a Toronto-based butcher shop owned and operated by the Plaza family. Meating On Queen opened its doors in 2008 and has quickly become a local hot spot for customers looking for variety in high-quality meats, produce, imported items, and more.

Before moving to Toronto and opening Meating On Queen, George Sr. worked at his father's butcher shop in Ecuador where he learned much about his trade. George has been a butcher his entire life and has worked very hard to build his own butcher shop here in Canada. He and his family take great pride in their family's tradition and in preparing high-quality meats for his customers.

Jude Kelly PODCAST Mixes
Lovely remixes and covers including Carole King, Nicolette Larson, The Eagles, Tracy Chapman & Lenny Kravitz.

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Introducing photos by the magnificently talented, Colin Marcano.

Colin, who's from my hometown of Hamilton, ON, is an avid Nature & Street Photographer, Philosopher, Visual Entrepreneur, Vespa rider, Reader and Critical Thinker with a passion for knowledge and dialogue! He also takes amazing photos which I'll be featuring as part of my podcast.