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I am fortunate to have Lone Pine Publishing include some of my photographs in "Birds of Canada" (see page 527 for photo credits)

Lone Pine Publishing has produced quality bird field guides for cities and provinces across Canada for many years. This book presents up-to-date, fascinating information for people of all ages interested in watching birds and learning more about them.


B&W Street Photography Fujifilm X100s B&W Street Photography Fujifilm X100s
(Contains 122 photos)
Collection of photographs in B&W Street Photography taken with the Fujifilm X100s
From the Street Toronto Fujifilm X10 Photographs
(Contains 135 photos)
Fujifilm X10 Photographs, various buildings and street photography.
Red-Tailed Hawk My Favorites
(Contains 106 photos)
A group of my favorite photo's to date.
Long-Eared Owl Birds
(Contains 169 photos)
Birds from around the GTA
Warblers of the GTA Warblers of the GTA
(Contains 31 photos)
A collection of Warblers photographed in the GTA, my plan is to capture photographs every May as the Warblers make their way through Southern Ontario during spring migration.
Tulip Glory Flowers
(Contains 47 photos)
A collection of flowers from around the City of Toronto.
Cicada Butterfly and Insect Portfolio
(Contains 64 photos)
Various types of Butterflies and Insects from around the GTA.
Sunset Landscape
(Contains 69 photos)
Landscape photo's from around or close to the GTA
Model Photoshoot Model shoot
(Contains 12 photos)
Tattoo shoot - Model - Kadie Rankin Tattoo shoot - Model - Kadie Rankin
(Contains 6 photos)
Tattoo shoot - Model - Kadie Rankin
Kendra Photoshoot - Model Kendra
(Contains 5 photos)
Photoshoot - Model Kendra
Krystee Tattoo Model Krystee
(Contains 7 photos)
Tattoo Model Krystee